Strategic Consulting

Are you hoping this will be the year that your business sees the growth it deserves; The growth you have always wanted?  Step one is transforming those hopes into an actual plan!  That Marketing Geek will craft a custom solution that takes into account current market trends, an insightful analysis of your competitors, as well as opportunities for growth that are

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SEO Strategy

Chances are you have heard about Search Engine Optimization and the fact that it is a critical tool in staying competitive in today's rapidly changing market.  Traditionally, SEO simply means constructing a website that search engines, such as Google, can easily understand and that send the right type of signals to increase your website's relevance.  SEO is likened to having the

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Web Development

Looking to update your web presence?  Or are you ready to make 2016 the year you begin making a splash online?   That Marketing Geek knows how to help deliver the type of web presence that will attract potential customers.  By the end of the year over 90% of Americans will have a smart phone;  Is your website mobile ready?  Getting

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