KeithNic K.

Serge is awesome, we just started working with him to help us with our SEO/ Ranking for our small business in San Diego. In just a short time he has already fixed/adjusted our website to be more "SEO Friendly," and is working on helping us get ranked, and with our digital marketing.

Serge is highly intelligent, and very good at explaining a not so fun subject matter (for me anyway.) I like that he offers more of an honest, and more educational approach to explaining his services rather than the “sales-y” approach that the other SEO companies have that I called. Serge’s rates/fee is very reasonable and I am very grateful that we found him on YELP, and got in with him before he takes off for the stars. I did a healthy amount of research with other SEO companies, (even used a crappy one,) and Serge has so far proven to be a fantastic choice. Very hands on which I appreciate.