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Understanding all of your digital marketing options and the nuances of your industry are key components to building effective online strategies. And it’s more relevant than ever to figure out an online plan for your business since consumers have shifted their behavior so much. It’s no secret for companies like Google that have studied the nuances of user behavior analyzed patterns of behavior.

One such study call ZMOT (The Zero Moment of Truth) conducted by Shopper Sciences laid bare the habits consumers.  One of the key findings was consumers on average consulted over twice the number of resources compared to just a few years before. Consumers also are doing more research even for smaller dollar value transactions.

This zero moment where consumers are making a decision is increasingly happening online. If your business isn’t connecting with potential customers in the spaces that they either spend time or use to guide their buying decisions then you are behind the curve.

Traditionally as businesses begin examining their options online they focus on SEO or PPC.  The first method of gaining visibility through search engine optimization comes through building a presence online and sending the right signals to Google that you are relevant for a specific search term. Pay per click on the other hand involves paying Google for placement. They both have their pros and cons.

Comparatively speaking search engine optimization when executed correctly will drive available traffic to your website for much less than pay per click costs.

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