Web Development

Our Web Engineering Geeks are the right guys to make sure that your website not only looks good but functions well on all devices. All websites are built to be compatible with the latest versions of the most popular browsers as well as mobile friendly.

Our experience in web development helps our clients to seamlessly bring to life a look that creates a strong impression for their brand.

Our webstites include:

  • All websites are developed for optimal user experience using WordPress by ensuring quick load times with cleanly written HTML & CSS code that is cross browser tested.
  • Setup and integration of Google analytics and search console
  • Free training how to use WordPress & Analytics is included with every site build.
  • Fast development time. When clients are responsive then great communication can take place allowing sites to be built with quick turn around times.
  • Responsive web design to handle mobile devices as well as screens ranging from tablets to large desktop monitors.

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This question seems very simple on the surface but rarely can people articulate what they want the website to accomplish beyond make me money.  Part of my job is to have a conversation with you about what is realistic for your website to accomplish and how you can best leverage this digital representation of your business.

Most of the time clients want the website to help drive direct sales.  While this is possible it’s not thinking about your website in all the ways that do support your bottom line. A powerful website can help drive more subscribers to your e-mail list, attract more readers that you can remarket to, position yourself as an expert within your field and foster a community around your brand.


Another deceptively simple question that I think people are quick to come up with easy answers for. Most businesses rarely have one type of customer but rather a handful of individuals that represent different types of existing clients and potential customers.

The worksheets I use when I on board a new client have my customers think more about these different individuals and when possible create customer demographic profiles. Ideally this would come from hard data you have accumulated through historical transactions. But you can also imagine a type of customer that you seek based on your experience and use that as a guide to help give voice to not only the content you might create for your website but the strategies you would use to reach that person.


Far too often I encounter the scenario where a business owner has a hard time to articulating what they offer.  They might be able to describe the service but rarely put the sizzle on the steak so to speak.  When thinking about what to say on a website I like to have my clients think about not only who their website will be talking to but also how they are different in the industry. When getting your business a voice aside from the details of what your service or product entails you want to feature the benefits and advantages as well.