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Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires in-depth knowledge of how Googles algorithm weights specific variables that influence a websites rank.  SEO is a service that continues to become more and more popular as businesses realize it’s crucial to have a long-term plan in place for your businesses presence online.  While the primary focus of SEO is to help your website get found more often in Google search results the secondary effect is having an expanded presence online that drives more traffic beyond just the search engines.

That Marketing Geek knows how to research, plan and execute effective SEO strategies that take into account not only the latest changes from Google but what your competition is doing. The best SEO services are flexible in their approach so as to keep updated in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. That’s why all of our plans are customized to each clients industry search results within Google search.

Although for most businesses SEO continues to remain a mystery. At That Marketing Geek we try to demystify this service.

Keywords. Content. Links. Reviews. Can it be that simple?

Yes.  In the broadest sense SEO simply seeks to build an online presence for your business or brand. When you understand the keywords and topics that are relevant to what people are searching for your services and products than it will be easier to understand the content you will need to deliver. And when you have strong content it’s easier to connect with people who are willing to link to you. And providing an excellent product or service makes it that much easier for positive reviews to amplify your business.

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This question inevitably arises in the course of any SEO or Internet marketing conversation.  and any good marketer should welcome this question. Businesses have finite budgets in need realistic plans if they are ever to succeed online. That marketing geek literally grew out of the need for small to medium businesses to have an affordable solution compared to many traditional forms of marketing. Since all of our plans are customized to our clients needs, industries and search engine competitors we use off-the-shelf standardized services.

It’s for this reason all we ask is for a quick conversation with potential clients about what keywords you’re looking to gain visibility for along with the geographic area you want to focus on.  what’s the best part about calling or submitting a request to talk? You get a mini audit for your business and competitors online giving you crucial insights that will shed a light on where your business should be putting its resources if it wants to compete in today’s search results.


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